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Fireside Chat: Foresight
Herman Grech (Times of Malta) in a chat with Ulrich Bez (“Mr Aston Martin”)

The future of education
Michael Staton (Learn Capital)

How to use science fiction to prepare for global tech leadership
Jenn Hirsch (EY)

Don’t blink, the future is happening now
Abdalla Kablan (

7 myths of innovation
Geert Desager (Needle Strategy)

Who are you? Can we trust you?
Panel discussion moderated by Abdalla Kablan (, featuring Kenneth Farrugia (FinanceMalta), Natalie Smolenski (Learning Machine), and Chris Casapinta (Alter Domus)

Europe’s failure to deal with failure! Lessons in culture from established ecosystems
Reinhold Karner (Global Success Advisor)

Beyond MVP
Russell Smith (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation, University of Malta)

Why scaleup is the new startup
Joe Haslam (ie Business School)

Spotting growth potential – A global perspective
Panel discussion moderated by Tugce Ergul (Angel Labs), featuring Firat Isbecer (Monitise MEA), Samer Karam (BDL Accelerate) and Jenn Hirsch (EY)

Fireside Chat: Are you investable?
Monty Munford (Tech Columnist at Forbes & BBC) in a chat with Michael Staton (Learn Capital)

A Trademark Saga – Naming Failure
Carla Maree Vella (Optimizer Invest) discusses the case of Hero Gaming with Georg Westin (Hero Gaming) and Jarno Hottinen (Otmore)

Learn before you leap: Why education is essential before making early stage investments
Christopher Rolfe (Go Beyond Investing)

Riding the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship
Firat Isbecer (Monitise MEA)

Disruption in FinTech
Patrick Muir (Sherpa)

ICOs are the new IPOs?
Kaidi Ruusalepp (Funderbeam)

The future of marketing
Ben Little (Fearlessly Frank)

The behavioural economics of internet dating
Mark Brooks (Courtland Brooks)

Marketing in the digital era
Panel discussion moderated by Simon Azzopardi (Silicon Valletta), featuring Ben Little (Fearlessly Frank), Geert Desager (Needle Strategy) and Mark Brooks (Courtland Brooks)


Altaro Software: €0 to €6,000,000 revenue – Lessons learnt so far
Stephen Chetcuti Bonavita (Altaro Software)

Ticking the right boxes whilst scaling up
Panel discussion moderated by Frank Fischer (Crossover for Work), featuring Marc von Brockdorff (Hotjar), Michael Azzopardi (Seb Azzo), Stephen Chetcuti Bonavita (Altaro Software) and James Abela (TheStudentCampus)

Samer Karam (BDL Accelerate)

Building a startup ecosystem: The London story
Bindi Karia (Innovation Expert, Adviser & Super Connector)

Ecosystems in perspective
Panel discussion moderated by Monty Munford (Tech Columnist at Forbes & BBC), featuring Gary Abela (Tech Open Air), Bindi Karia (Innovation Expert) and Samer Karam (BDL Accelerate)

Case study: The growth of an iGaming ecosystem in Malta
Carla Maree Vella (Optimizer Invest) in a chat with Eman Pulis (Sigma)

How will we make things in the future?
Davide Sher (3D Printing Business Media)

3D printing in education. A teacher’s perspective.
Phil Hall (The Windsor Boys’ School)

Case study: 3D printing in industry
Ivan Gerada (Trelleborg Sealing Solutions)

Q & A on 3D Printing
Q & A session moderated by Andy Linnas (Thought 3D), featuring Davide Sher (3D Printing Business Media), Ivan Gerada (Trelleborg Sealing Solutions) and Phil Hall (The Windsor Boys’ School)

Future of Food
Dario Galbiati Alborghetti (Food Labs)

Food & Beverage in the hospitality: Trends and disruption
Laurence Anne Mittelbronn (Advisor Genius for Food Business) and Florian Mesny (

Case study: New York Best – A scalable food startup, using social media
Robyn Pratt (Impact Consulting) discusses the case of New York Best, with Thomas Diacono (New York Best) and Benji Borg (Anchovy)

The next 20 years of the food ecosystem: Who will be the winners? And why?
Panel discussion moderated by Laurence Anne Mittelbronn (Advisor Genius for Food Business), featuring Florian Mesny (, Thomas Diacono (New York Best), Benji Borg (Anchovy) and Dario Galbiati Alborghetti (Food Labs)

Crazy rich, a story about emotions
Erik Bergman (Catena Media)

The art of the exit
Angelo Dalli (Bit8)

Video: Trend or Fad?
Brendon Grunewald (Moovly)

The business of video content
Panel discussion moderated by Mark Brooks (Courtland Brooks), featuring Brendon Grunewald (Moovly) and Jason Nellis (Packagd)

Games & eSports: where are we headed?
Panel discussion moderated by Jonas Eneroth (Karmafy), featuring Victor Martyn (, Dave Hawkins (Exient) and Robin Eirik Reed (GIG)