Velislava Hillman

Velislava Hillman

Founder @ Kratos-education and Fellow '18-'19 Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society @ Harvard University

Dr. Velislava Hillman works at the intersection of youth, data-driven environments, and policy. Some of her work includes policy recommendations for transforming mainstream ICT curriculum and student-based approach to learning and interacting with digital technologies. Dr. Hillman spent a year as a research fellow at Berkman Klein Centre in Harvard University where she examined how increasingly digitised school environments can lead to the creation of systems of control and pose risks to individual rights and freedoms of expression. This work led her to look into ways to enable student privacy, data literacy, and transparency with regards to how school data is used. n collaboration with Varunram Ganesh from the MIT Digital Currency Initiative Dr. Hillman is developing a prototype for a secure, authenticated and publicly verifiable platform for educational data using the blockchain. Wider interests and research include: the impact of AI, data-driven technologies, and automation on society and the future of work.

Digital Technology. Young People. The Future.

ZEST Stage

Prof. Soulla Louca and Dr Velislava Hillman discuss the possibilities and challenges that emerge when young people grow up surrounded by digital technology. Moderated by Dr Bernard Agius.

Digital Society