Trevor Sammut

Trevor Sammut

Chief Regulatory Officer @ Malta Digital Innovation Authority

Trevor Sammut is the Chief Regulatory Officer at the Malta Digital Innovation Authority and is responsible for the Management of the Authority’s Regulatory Department, composed mainly of the Authorisations, Compliance, and Enforcement functions.

Mr. Sammut’s experience includes over eight years as an ICT Applications Officer for the Ministry for Health engaged in the implementation of large-scale ICT Projects for the various business requirements related to Healthcare systems. He was responsible for project management related to IT networks and ICT infrastructure as well as detailed technical consultancy for the commissioning and implementation of healthcare projects. The Information Management Unit within the Ministry for Health interacted with a potential user-base of approximately 10,000 users.

Previously, Trevor spent nine years as a Police Inspector in the Malta Police Force handling Police/EU/Europol ICT Projects, ICT Department and IT team management within a high-security ICT Infrastructure and environment. He also steered and guided high-level management projects and systems, mostly related to national security.

Perspectives on Compliance & Innovation

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Regulatory compliance: a blessing or a curse? How much regulation is too much regulation? Does regulation help, or hinder innovation? These are questions faced by regulators and innovators alike, but perspectives differ. Or not?

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