Steve Mercieca

Steve Mercieca

Co-Founder & CEO @ Quicklets & Zanzi Homes

Steve is co-Founder and CEO of Quicklets and Zanzi Homes, the QLZH Group. Steve’s enthusiasm with new technologies and the way it may help disrupt the property market, has helped the company grow rapidly over the years.  He is the master mind behind the Virtual Agent Concept, a first for the Maltese and probably the international real estate industry. Steve capitalised on the use of VR and 3D walk-through to enhance the user experience of the Maltese real estate clientele.

Steve believes strongly in offering a company culture that attracts like-minded and “like-hearted” people which in turn will develop each person in the best version of themselves.  This has proven to be a correct foresight and is attributed as another major element of the QLZH Group’s success.

From the first day, Steve’s main goal was to build a company that could make a real and sustainable difference in the world by making planet earth a better place for current and future generations to enjoy.  This dream gave life to the QLZH Foundation that amongst other activities sponsors the education of a child in Ghana for every property rented in Malta and which in collaboration with the NGO ACT. is the driving force behind Saġġar, the project aiming to plant one million trees over a decade.

A risk taker by nature, Steve constantly promotes doing things different and encourages his team to enjoy life and whatever they do on a daily basis.  To remind himself of this, Steve wears unpaired socks every day and brushes his teeth with his passive hand.  Steve is married to Zanna and is father to gorgeous India and baby Layla Lou.

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