Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks

CEO @ Courtland Brooks

I run the Courtland Brooks consultancy-agency which is a team of seasoned Internet dating marketing  professionals.  Courtland Brooks provides strategy, marketing, business development, social media and media relations services to Internet dating apps and matchmaking businesses around the world.  We also help companies with best-in-class products to approach the dating industry.  We’ve helped PlentyofFish, Cupid, Social Discovery Ventures, iovation and 100+ clients to grow.

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I’ve been immersed in the business of Internet dating since 1998 and operated the daily news service, along with the Internet Dating Executive Alliance (IDEA) community.  {See www.IDEA.GP for the Facebook group, and www.IDEA.GD on Linkedin}

The press have quoted me 250+ times on the business of Internet dating.  17 quotes in Wall Street Journal (see and I’ve keynoted at 44 ‘iDate’ Internet Dating business conferences around the world since 2004.