Maria Marenco

Maria Marenco

Healthcare Informatics Expert, Blockchain Strategist and Mental Health Professional

Mrs Marenco is a Blockchain Strategist, Healthcare Informatics expert and Mental Health professional.

With her multidisciplinary and international background, Maria brings extensive experience and knowledge having worked with a global not-for-profit Health IT organization in the capacity of an in-house SME on Blockchain and AI technologies, and respective Public Affairs and Communications.

Mrs Marenco has spent most of her professional career in the broad overlapping fields of health and informatics. She is inspired by a holistic vision of human wellbeing, that encompasses physical and mental health. Guided by this vision, and after several years of accumulated and valuable experience also in the pharma industry (i.e. large corporations), Maria launched her own company – MentFort Ltd.

In addition to her entrepreneurial background, Maria is involved in The Swedish Blockchain Association, as a vertical lead for the eHealth/Health sector and the Sweden/NordicChapter Lead for the Government Blockchain Association.

The Socio-Economic Impact of Digital Health: A Global Perspective

ZEST Stage

How will society respond to the increasing prevalence of digital health solutions? What will be the impact on the business of health? Maria Marenco presents a keynote with a global perspective on trends in this growing market segment.

Digital Health