Malcolm Briffa

Malcolm Briffa

Director of Business Services @ Melita Ltd.

Malcolm Briffa is the Director for Business Services at Melita with over 15 years’ experience in Marketing, Strategy and Product development in services industries including Telecoms and Financial Services. He is responsible for the development and commercialisation of IoT services at Melita to address both local customers as well as part of the company’s internationalisation activities. As part of this international IoT approach, Melita has created a distinct brand Melita.IO focused exclusively on offering M2M and IoT connectivity and a dedicated portal for its customers.

Malcolm has been responsible for key launches within the Melita group including the Melita brand, mobile telephony services, interactive TV, next generation broadband services as well as the introduction of the self-care portal and platform, MyMelita. As part of his current portfolio he is responsible for enterprise solutions for international clients including hosting solutions, local and pan-European connectivity solutions.

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