Kristian Zarb Adami

Kristian Zarb Adami

Associate Professor @ University of Malta & Director @ the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy

Professor Kristian Zarb Adami did his Ph.D. in data analysis at the University of Cambridge specialising in image processing techniques applied to the radio and optical telescopes. Subsequently, he worked at STMicroelectronics for three years where he was responsible for developing the autofocus and zoom algorithms for mobile phone cameras. During his time at STMicroelectronics, cameras developed as part of his team became some of the most sold cameras in the world, making STMicroelectronics the largest camera manufacturer at the time. In 2007, Kristian Zarb Adami joined the University of Oxford and the Square Kilometer Array project where he is responsible for building the largest data processing system of any science instrument ever built. After a brief stint in MIT, working with Max Tegmark on designing a sensitive radio instrument to detect the first stars in the universe, he opened the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy (ISSA) at the University of Malta which specialises in large data processing systems and machine learning data driven discovery.  Today Professor Zarb Adami spends most of him time designing telescopes and scientific facilities to be placed on the far-side of the moon.

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