Kenneth Spiteri

Kenneth Spiteri

Director of Enterprise and Business Development @ Vodafone

Kenneth Spiteri is an expert in sales, organisational performance and strategy, with 25 years of experience leading commercial outfits in various sectors. He currently spearheads Vodafone Business, which is responsible for all business clients and innovative business solutions.

Kenneth has been involved in various industries ranging from international private banking, telecommunications, retail, IT, Insurance, e-commerce and big data and held directorships on companies working in finance, technology and shipping. He also was the CEO of a technology multinational running business in Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and spearheaded a number of acquisitions in the technology sector.

Applying technology for the wider benefit of the public is a priority for Vodafone, and Kenneth is currently working mostly on disruptive technologies in the field of internet of things and blockchain.

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