Josh O’Cock

Josh O’Cock

CEO @ Growth Gurus

Josh has worked in social media and digital marketing since its inception and has developed an inspiring approach to digital marketing through consulting, managing and executing these digital strategies with a wide and truly international range of clients.

His passion for marketing and his long standing experience in the field inspired him to open Growth Gurus, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Malta. In just 3 years, Josh has spearheaded the agency to national acclaim, picking up numerous awards in recognition of the exceptional work him and his team have done for their impressive list of clients.

Josh has channelled his energy into the new and emerging blockchain markets, focusing on delivering marketing solutions to the Blockchain and Corporate Services industries in the “Blockchain Island” of Malta. Josh has founded the international Blockchain and ICO news portal with the aim of connecting new and emerging blockchain companies with their intended target audiences.

Sales 101

ZEST Stage

For any new venture, the ultimate test is sales: no sales, no business. This session presents a discussion on what it takes to reach out to potential customers, generate sales and growing your customer base.

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