Daniel Grech

Daniel Grech

CEO @ Wyzer

Daniel is a seasoned academic and professional specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Fintech. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Malta and a Masters of Science in Statistics from the Universiry of Sheffield.

He has been active in the startup scene both locally and internationally for over five years having held a number of different technical and non technical roles across various sectors. He is very passionate about disruptive startups, all forms of automation and decentralized technologies and has been an active part of the discussion regarding the regulation of crypto-related projects in Malta.

Disrupting Finance with AI and DLT

ZEST Stage

The financial services are ripe for disruption – with the promise of efficient AIs and robust DLT systems, tomorrow’s financial services might be unrecognisable from those available today. What can we expect in the coming years?

New Frontiers