Conrad Attard

Conrad Attard

Deputy Dean, Researcher and Lecturer @ Faculty of ICT, University of Malta

Dr Conrad Attard is Deputy Dean, Researcher and Lecturer at the Faculty of ICT – University of Malta within the Department of Computer Information Systems on pervasive computing, digital health, ERP, data science and IoT. He is the team leader of a multidisciplinary research team on pervasive electronic monitoring (PEM) in health care supported by RIDT, SVDP residential hospital for elderly and ISL Limited. He holds a PhD in computer science from the faculty of engineering at The University of Sheffield UK. He is a senior IEEE member and current chair of IEEE Malta Section and IEEE Computer Society Chair. Dr Attard started an IT business that allowed him to support various SMEs and organisations focusing on consulting on the implementation of IT infrastructure and software needs.

Public Health Goes Digital

ZEST Stage

Public health will not be spared from the technology revolution. How is Malta’s public health system adapting to this scenario, and what new technology is reshaping the national health service in Malta?

Digital Health