Charmaine Gauci

Charmaine Gauci

Superintendent of Public Health, Ministry for Health and Associate Professor @ University of Malta

Professor Gauci is an associate professor at the University of Malta and teaches in the field of public health with special interest in Public Health, Epidemiology, Communicable Diseases, Health Promotion and Policy development. Professor Gauci has a strong commitment to public health.

She believes that various specialists should collaborate to research on public health. Over the years she steered various research projects in public health including the first national food consumption survey, analysis of food products, food safety, infectious diseases and is key investigator for Malta for the Health Behaviour Study in School children and the Global Youth Tobacco Survey. She participates in various WHO policy development teams as an expert. She guides various students in their research as various levels including under and post grad.

She graduated as a medical doctor in 1991. Over the years she has developed skills in the wide aspect of the public health specialty. She pursued her studies with masters in public health and consequently followed the European Programme in Epidemiological Training. She has also specialized in fitness and nutrition. She attained her PhD Degree in epidemiology in 2006. Dr Gauci is also a Prince practitioner in project management. She is a fellow of the UK Royal Society for Public Health and a fellow of the UK Faculty of Public Health.

Professor Gauci is the Superintendent of Public Health within the Ministry for Health in Malta with wide responsibility of public health to safeguard and enhance the health status of the people. Before this position, she had occupied the position of Director of the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate for nine years.

She is active in the field of public health having served as secretary, vice president and served as president with the Malta Association of Public Health Medicine for four years.

Professor Gauci acts as a focal point for many bodies within the European Commission including HLG, ECDC and Health Security and for the World Health Organisation and is project leader for a number of EU projects.

Her aim is to protect, support and improve people’s health and wellbeing.

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