Benjamin L. Jordan

Benjamin L. Jordan

Co-Founder @ Auditoos & CEO @ TrueDeck Ltd.

Ben Jordan is a well-known expert in the iGaming industry. He brings extensive experience in numerous gaming verticals, financial services, and blockchain technology. Working in senior positions for companies such as American Express, Sportingbet, and PokerStars he has acquired extensive experience at a top level. He holds a post graduate in Financial crime prevention and consults for companies in many sectors as an expert in fraud prevention. As a frequent international public speaker and published author on technology and thought leadership, Ben has exceptional knowledge of risk management and compliance in this space. Drawing on over fifteen years’ global experience in the gaming sector, Ben has established himself as a leading executive and subject matter expert.
He is a “Form A” approved Director by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK, and is also a co-author of the Digital Economy Act working for Parliament in the UK. He has held positions at board level and been an MLRO for International companies.

Perspectives on Compliance & Innovation

ZEST Stage

Regulatory compliance: a blessing or a curse? How much regulation is too much regulation? Does regulation help, or hinder innovation? These are questions faced by regulators and innovators alike, but perspectives differ. Or not?

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