Angelo Dalli

Angelo Dalli

CEO & Co-Founder @ Umnai

As Umnai’s Chief Executive Officer, Angelo is responsible for leading the company’s commercial, product and technology strategy. Umnai was founded as an innovative AI focused solutions provider that is creating new ground-breaking AI technology that can explain and optimize itself and its decisions while helping to assist people rather than replacing them, with an emphasis on achieving a positive social impact.

Angelo has published over 23 scientific publications in Europe and the US and has over twenty years of experience in various executive positions in technology, entertainment and fintech companies. Angelo has also represented Malta in various international events and one of his first international achievements was to win a bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in 1995.

As a serial entrepreneur, Angelo was involved in four IPOs and invested in more than 40 successful companies. This long track record was recognised in 2014, when he was awarded with Malta’s Top Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Angelo’s profile is a realization of the mantra he works by ‘To create scaleable, repeatable technology businesses that lead by innovation’.

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Explainable AI

ZEST Stage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the next general purpose technology: its disruptive potential is vast and cuts across all industries. This is arguably beyond anyone’s doubts by now. A big challenge, however, is building AI that is ‘explainable’. Angelo Dalli explains why!

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