André Xuereb

André Xuereb

Associate Professor of Quantum and Atomic Physics @ University of Malta

André Xuereb is physicist from Malta. He read for an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Malta, a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Southampton in the UK, and a master degree in entrepreneurship at the University of Malta. He is associate professor of atomic and quantum physics at the University of Malta, is Science Policy Officer of the Malta Chamber of Scientists, represents Malta on several European research networks, and was recently elected as the first Maltese member of the Global Young Academy. André has an active career in science, having established and leading the quantum research group at the University of Malta, and co-owns an educational software startup.

The Quantum Internet—Trustless Connectivity, Blind Cloud Computing, and Beyond

ZEST Stage

Quantum physicists can put the same object in two places at the same time and have been teleporting things for over twenty years. André will introduce some of the more bizarre ideas emerging from quantum mechanics and talk about how they allow us to break conventional cryptography, how to build ultra-secure connections that cannot be […]

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