Ulrich Bez

Ulrich Bez

"Mr Aston Martin"

Dr Ulrich Bez, was from 2000 to 2014 Chief Executive Officer Aston Martin Ltd, then became the Chairman and now serves as a Brand Ambassador and Board member. Under his leadership Aston Martin became globally recognised as the luxury and cool Brand standing for Power, Beauty and Soul with competitive quality and unmistakable identity. 60,000 cars were built during his 14 years – based on advanced modular technology – which was more than four times previously built in all of the 87 years before.  Dr Bez also served at Porsche SE, was Managing Director and founder of BMW-Technik GmbH and Vice President of Engineering at Daewoo Motors.

In 2014 Dr Bez joined Alset Global, a hydrogen automotive start-up, as non-executive Vice-Chairman as he believes that Hydrogen will drive mobility within the next couple of decades, and in 2017 he joined Magnis Research ASX, Australia as a non Executive Director. Magnis has a new Graphite mine development with 99.9% pure Graphite for direct use in Lithium-ion Batteries.

Dr Bez received his Diploma in Aircraft Engineering from the University of Stuttgart. While working at Porsche SE he graduated in 1981 from the University of Berlin with a PhD in Engineering.  In 2013 he was rewarded with an Honorary Doctorate from Solent University, Southampton UK. In 2014 he became a Fellow of the Dean at the University of Virginia, where he lectures.

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