Justin Litchfield

Justin Litchfield

CTO @ ProChain Capital

Dr. Justin Litchfield is a passionate entrepreneur with exceptional engineering skills. A PhD graduate of Stanford University, Justin has invested the past five years building products at the intersection of FinTech, blockchain, and the media while simultaneously geeking out about technology, health, and the pushing the limits of human performance. Currently, he is the CTO at ProChain Capital, where he is helping fund products and build best practices around token generation events to ensure that the capital raised today by Blockchain and DApp startups builds the best tomorrow possible.

Starting up in the DLT Space

ZEST - DELTA Edition

Discussion panel on starting out in the domain of DLTs, moderated by James Catania (Intelliblock Ltd), with the participation of Vincenzo Belpiede (Bitdiem), Justin Litchfield (ProChain Cap), Irina Litchfield (CryptoHQ Fund) and Jan Sammut (RefToken).