Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono

Author and Consultant

‘If you never change your mind, why have one?’ said the father of lateral thinking; Edward de Bono. He is presently the world’s foremost expert on conceptual thinking as the backbone behind structural innovation, tactical leadership, creativity and problem solving. His limited tools and methods have brought bewildering outcomes to firms all over the world and to people from a wide range of mixed cultures, didactic backgrounds, professions and other miscellaneous groups. Dr. de Bono conveys the progressive training keys that are absolutely vital for success in the challenging times of the modern world. He has been accredited with coming up with techniques of thinking that are unpretentious, concrete and powerful. His ideas are now being employed across a numerous institutions and organizations around the world. The uncomplicatedness of his ideas has helped change the
comportment, enhanced productivity and bring about profitable innovations in multi-million dollar companies and even start-ups. In his long and successful career, he has written over 75 interesting books, which have been translated to nearly 38 languages. Apart from writing, he is also a consultant and inventor and has held many offices and appointments at universities like Oxford and Cambridge. He also made two television series: ‘De Bono’s Thinking Course’ and ‘The Greatest Thinkers’.

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